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Centennial residents use their garages as much as the next residential Colorado town—which is a lot. With kids doing sporting activities, and bike rides underway daily, we utilize our garages to the fullest extent. That’s why Centennial Garage Door Springs is nothing less than passionate about keeping your garage door operating like new.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Centennial COIn thinking about the workings of a garage door, most people assume that the opener does most of the heavy lifting. This is not entirely incorrect, but the true muscle of the garage door lies in the springs. The resilient springs bear the weight of the garage door and help to keep it balanced.

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When a spring breaks, it might be a bit of a scare due to the loud snap that’s emitted. Keep children and animals away from the garage door, as springs can be a little dangerous, and proceed to call a garage door expert. Centennial Garage Door Springs wants to make sure our customers understand the perilous nature of trying to replace a spring. They are under immense strain, and can cause moderate to severe injuries. Leave the replacing to the pros, and call Centennial Garage Door Springs when one gets sprung.

Garage door springs are really intricate pieces of work. Actually, they’re simple, but the process of selecting the right spring for your garage door can be tricky. There are several different length and strength categories. Choosing the spring that is most compatible with your garage door is essential to the performance and longevity of your garage door. Ease your mind and allow the experts to take care of your spring replacement the same day you call. Centennial Garage Door Springs blows the competition out of the water with our reliable and friendly service - every time.

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Same Day Garage Door Spring Service Centennial COSometimes a garage door spring doesn’t snap to indicate that it needs to be replaced. Simple periodic visual inspections of your garage door can help you to identify potential garage door problems. To perform this preventative inspection, you must only observe the garage door in motion. If the garage door is jerky in motion, there might be a problem with the track or the balancing of the door. It’s wise to look at the springs, cables, and opener track for residue or rust that can damage the parts. Centennial Garage Door Springs hopes that your garage door gives you the least problems possible, but when it does, we are here to help.

There is one outstanding reason why Centennial Garage Door Springs has been in business for over twenty years: our flawless service. From the conversation with one of our friendly receptionists to the final handshake after our work is done, we aim to make ours the most pleasant service experience you’ve ever had. We hire only the most reliable and knowledgeable technicians out there, and we back all of our services for one full year. Centennial Garage Door Springs is the only smart option when your garage door starts to malfunction, so call us today.

Centennial Garage Door Springs

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